Linha de Fuga Returns with Double Program

29.11.2019 | 18h
Casa das artes bissaya barreto
© José Cruzio
Documentation Overview
Linha de Fuga 2018
What does it mean to document the ephemeral?
Marta Blanco & Janaína Behling
18h - Casa das Artes Bissaya Barreto
Nov 29th 2019
60′ | M/6 | Entrada Livre
Marta Blanco (ESP) is an audiovisual activist artist, Janaína Behling (BR) is a linguist interested in sign language. For 1 year they worked on the idea of documenting the Linha de Fuga 2018. On November 29, in conversation with curator Catarina Saraiva, the two present the results of the documentation and talk to the public about what it meant for them to document an initiative that constituted as a temporary autonomous zone. How is the ephemeral documented? What are the archiving practices developed on and in the 2018 Linha de Fuga?

Linha de Fuga gathered in November 2018 in Coimbra, 26 artists with different artistic backgrounds and origins who, for 3 weeks, experimented with their works and exchanged artistic practices for the production of knowledge through the arts.
Performance Reading of "Equinócio"
Alexandre Valinho Gigas
24h - ODD
Nov 29th 2019
We have been supporting some artists slowly with the help of various partners. On this day, we are pleased to present a performance around the writings of the book Equinócio, whose edition Linha de Fuga supported.

Gigas presents a construction of readings that is based on a dramaturgy distinct from the sequence of poems in the book. In conjunction with sounds by André Quaresma (Experiment # 508), this will be the 4th stage of the presentation that Alexandre Valinho Gigas chose to call the Equinócio - Periélio, that is, closer to the Sun.