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what we do

Linha de Fuga – cultural association was founded in November 2018, simultaneously with the first edition of the creative laboratory and international festival Linha de Fuga.

Based in Coimbra, Portugal, it is a structure of artistic programming and diffusion with the aim of being an active agent in the development of critical discourse between art, culture, politics, education and society, combining various local and international agents.

With the aim of stimulating the city and the region, of raising awareness in the community,  institutions and audiences so that they form a closer understanding of contemporary dance and other artistic areas, Linha de Fuga wants to break barriers between art and knowledge, producing and programming experimental artistic language and seeking to decentralize the cultural offer beyond the great urban centres.

It is an association which experiments with production, creation, research, training and programming formats, starting with local contexts but always ending in an international outlook.

Its main activity is the Creative Laboratory and International Festival Linha de Fuga which takes place every two years, with the goal of deepening the relations established with the artists that already experimented with these procedures.

We believe that, in order to deepen the relationships it promotes, artistic production needs time, space to experiment and fail, and we assume a political posture that society should produce less and live better.

who we are

Poet, performer, chronicler and editor, he has a degree in archeology. He has published five books and several texts in various newspapers and magazines. Author of the leaflet «Mosto» and the magazine ANARKITEKTURA # 1, two independent editions based in Coimbra. He is a member of Radio University of Coimbra, where he works in programs on literature, poetry and art.


She is a graphic designer and illustrator. She studied illustration in Stockholm at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. She illustrated: Negrume, Luís de Camões' Poetry for All, The Chair That Wanted to Be a Couch (2012 National Illustration Award), The Carnival of Animals (selected by the TITAN Illustration in Design Award Jury), What Light Would You Read?, Dropper Poems and Mediterranean Club. She founded Xerefé, a publishing house for illustrated books.

producer, programmer, trainer

In 2001, while living in Brazil, Ana Jaleco initiated her path in the artistic-cultural area, in which she has worked ever since, mainly in Portugal, as executive director and producer, programmer, coordinator of educational activities and co-responsible for the communication and promotion offices, as collaborator of  various social and cultural revitalization projects in the frame of urban requalification processes triggered by artistic interventions. In 2019, she integrated the production team of Anozero - Bienal de Arte Contemporânea de Coimbra, presently assuming the role of production director of Laboratório & Festival Linha de Fuga.

curator, producer and researcher of performing arts

She is a curator, producer and researcher on performing arts. After 10 years being part of Alkantara's direction, she becomes curator in several projects in Spain, Brazil and Chile. In Portugal, since 2018, she curates the Verão Azul Festival (Algarve) and started Linha de Fuga (Coimbra). She has written several articles and held various seminars on the market of performing arts. She has developed artistic advice and dramaturgical support for artists and organizations between Europe and South America.

IT programmer

Architecture student, musician

He is from Águeda. He's studying Architecture at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra. Between one thing and another - comes the music, under the pseudonym sussurro.

communication consultant

She is a communication advisor at Ideias Concertadas, communication agency.She is trained in Cultural Management. She started her activity in 1994, at A Escola da Noite, where she was responsible for the communication and fundraising, until 2011. As a member of Pro Urbe - Civic Association of Coimbra's Board, she was responsible for monitoring projects such as Relvinha.CbrX and "Let's talk about housing?" She runs the communication of Anozero – Coimbra Biennial  and Linha de Fuga, both in Coimbra.


communication technician

He was born in March 1964. He lives in Coimbra and works in marketing and communication. Since 1994 he has collaborated episodically in the production of cultural events. Amateur photographer, “city's spectator” in its various aspects, and specially its cultural context.

Photographer, art curator

designer, academic

Sara Velez is a Professor in design and head of the Multimedia Design Master at the University of Beira Interior. She ia a researcher with the LABCOM-Communication and Arts. Her PhD thesis from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisboa was about Vilém Flusser and his contributions to a communication design theory. Her research and publications on design theory focus around a critical view of the mediation of Communication design objects and the political issues it pertains.

Alexandre Valinho

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